Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Going CRAZY!

I am dancing the very big happy dance! My door quilt "Faith Alone" has been selected as a semi-finalist in Paducah this year. It still hasn't hit me as yet. Having a quilt hang in Paducah had been a dream of mine since starting quilting 30 years ago. To me, there's just something about the Paducah show. The mystique, the grandeur...I don't know...something. 
I'm sure I'll be all emotional when I see my quilt hanging among all the other world class quilts. And to see my name listed with all the other AMAZING quilters is quite a rush.  
That's all for now. Now to get back to work on my NEXT show quilt!
Until next time...May tension only come from your sewing machine!


Monday, February 20, 2012

     I thought I should add some pictures of my work so you get a better idea of who I am.
The quilt on the top is titled "Filigree Stars" and was the answer to the Martin County guild challenge in Florida. The name of the challenge was "Stars, Stars, Stars" and the challenge fabric was lamé. It won Best of Show.
     The center quilt was the answer to a challenge issued by an art group I belonged to named Journey's Through Art. The challenge was "doors" and I used a photograph by Rein Nomm as my inspiration. I call it "Faith Alone". It was juried into the Mancuso World Quilt Show-Florida and won Judges Choice (Deidre McElroy was the judge who chose it). It hung in the Port St Lucie, FL Crazy Quilters guild show with all the eight other door quilts from out group and won Vendor's Choice, 1st Place, and all the door quilts won Viewer's Choice.
     The Lone Star on the bottom is titled "Solar Storm" and is a Jan Krentz pattern. I've always wanted to do a Lone Star and when I read her book "Lone Star Quilts and Beyond", she made it so easy that I loved doing it! This quilt was juried into the 2011 Mancuso World Quilt Show-Florida, and won Best of Show at the 2011 St. Lucie County fair.
     I'm completely honored to have been chosen for all these awards but I don't quilt for just the awards. I LOVE sharing my quilts, ideas, techniques, and art with those who view them and hope they inspire others to share their art as well!


Well, here it is! MY VERY FIRST BLOG!!!.....(why do I think I should be hearing great cheering instead of crickets chirping?) Anyway, I'll make this short to alleviate any excessive jaw strain due to yawning. I need to figure out how to use this thing like add comments, pictures...etc. considering I have absolutely NO IDEA what I'm doing AND I need to get people to follow me...kind of like the Pied Piper of quilting! So I'd like to say THANK YOU for visiting and if you like my blog, please tell others about it! HERE WE GO...this should be interesting...